Welcome to the 7 Weeks Mindset Reset.

I am so glad you have made the choice to add positivity and joy into your life. We are going to go step-by-step. Each week we will look at another key principle to increase your awareness to the joys that are around you everyday.

Years ago, I learned about Dr. Rick Hanson's work surrounding Positive Psychology. I like his approach, I like how he presents, I really connected with his HEAL method. HEAL stands for Have, Enhance, Absorb and Link. It made so much sense to me because I was already doing so much of it already... I just was looking for a way to describe it.

Now, I'm not teaching you Dr. Hanson's HEAL method. Though, the 7 Steps for Living with Joy certainly pulls from many Positive Psychology principles to reset your mind toward positivity. We are going to use your neuroplasticity... your brain's flexibility and ability to morph and change based on what's your focus. You will continually feed your brain 7 full weeks of healthy, positive, just feel good experiences that you see and experience all around you everyday.

I use this in my life EVERYDAY! And I love teaching others about this too. Even though the concept is quite simple, it takes intention and energy to actually make the change. You've made the commitment by showing up here, now. My commitment is to walk you through.

I'm here to do this with you.

You will need some basic tools to help you along in this course.

  1. A notebook or folder to write or keep record of your daily work.
  2. Drawing paper and drawing materials such as markers, pencils or crayons based on your preference. You will have options to draw or journal within the course.
  3. A camera, digital preferably, in order to create a digital collection or physical album of images.
  4. A commitment to show up and give it a go... if you miss a day, no worries, get back in the class the next day. No judgement here. Like I said before, I'm here to walk you through. This is your time and your mindset reset.

You can expect:

  • a daily email to remind you to participate in the daily practice work
  • an emphasis on the topic of the week to develop proficiency in that step or task
  • a sense of fumbling at times and feeling like a rockstar at other times... learning can be trial and error, get back up, try again, and eventually fine tune a skill.
  • encouragement along the way - I'm here to share information and walk beside you while you're in the course.

Go ahead and watch the Welcome video for an introduction to the course. Then, I encourage you to watch Dr. Rick Hanson's Ted Talk.

Watch Dr. Rick Hanson's Ted Talk regarding Hardwiring Happiness. It's a great watch to learn more. I enjoy that he is able to break down all the brain science in everyday terms.

Let's get started!

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