Telling Stories is Part of Grief

There is so much value in telling and re-telling your story. In the poem The Elephant in the Room, it says that "if we can talk about the death, then perhaps we can start to talk about their life." The more you say your loved ones name, the more you tell your story, the more the shock begins to fade.

You may find that each time you tell the story, you may share different parts... that's normal. Your story evolves as you heal. You focus on different aspects of your relationship as you heal.

You are given many opportunities to explore different aspects of your grief throughout this program. Today, we start with what is top of mind for you, the death of your loved one.

Watch the video. You will be given an assignment at the end of the video.

Download and print the handouts. Feel free to print out the worksheets or create in your own journal... it's completely up to you.

Draw your story.pdf


Get comfortable and listen to this meditation titled Peaceful Transition, modified from the text from Glenda Cedarleaf.

Well, you did it! This is one tough exercise. And it is a very important one to do.

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